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After dropping the Crazy Donkey-assisted track “New Highs” last month, alternative pop/soul trio of Mercury pivots toward a more experimental direction on their new EP, CHANGIN’ Volume 2—released under Sony Music Philippines. Embracing genre-melding tunes with fresh, innovative production. CHANGIN’ Volume 2 sets the stage for a groovy kind of trip. The EP features three tracks that are rendered with amazing level of detail. Co-produced by their former bandmate knōwmaad, the three-part release includes “STRESSES,” a soulful, electro-pop anthem that is punctuated by retro-modern grooves and heavy 808 bass; “ENERGY,” a club jam that articulates the frustration of wanting to enact changes within […]
Ben&Ben makes an important stand on issues concerning power abuse and public service with the release of “Kapangyarihan” performance video, featuring SB19. With theatrical performance as its overarching theme, the visual conveys the song’s message through a fitting medium that reflects the realities of life. “Theatre is meant to be experienced live but we used its intrinsic quality in presenting the ‘Kapangyarihan’ music video,” says Dexter M. Santos, the MV director. “By infusing the music video with narrative, choreography, set, and costume design as well as video, we hope to deliver a sincere and emphatic performance.” Shot in a stylized […]
Filipino folk-pop collective Ben&Ben marks a new era in music with the release of their 2022 single “Paninindigan Kita.” Written by Paolo and Miguel Benjamin, the upbeat pop song captures the fearlessness of fighting for someone you love despite the disapproval from the people around. “It is also an ode to a lover that might be hesitant to take a step forward in the relationship,” says the nine-piece outfit. “It’s a heartfelt song that gives a balance between understanding where the lover is coming from, and a gentle reassurance that the one singing the song is ready and sure, after […]
Dreamcatcher finally drops their second album, “[Apocalypse : Save us]” today via Sony Music Entertainment Korea. This is their second full-length album following the release of their first album “[Dystopia : The Tree of Language]” two years ago, and approximately nine months since their EP “[Summer Holiday].” Dreamcatcher presents a 14-track filled album as they embark on a new journey, making way for their “Apocalypse” trilogy. Following Dreamcatcher’s “Dystopia” series, the K-Pop rock group introduces their new “Apocalypse” era. Their new album “Apocalypse : Save us” is a desperate plea and cry to save the planet from ecological damage and […]